England, mach’s gut…

1 min readMay 6, 2019

tomeque’s third single “England, mach’s gut… (Have a good one, UK…)” is a melancholic rock ballad in British songwriting manner. The song is concerned with the UK resigning from the European idea — from the perspective of the forsaken with much wistfulness and weltschmerz.

In the music video, tomeque is roaming through the streets of Hamburg, looking for English tracks and common grounds, that lead him to the heart of the city:

  • from the former British merchant settlement at Hamburg’s landmark church of St. Michael’s
  • to the Jenischpark — an English landscape garden in western Hamburg
  • passing the Flak bunker, reminding us of the darkest times of British-German relations
  • and the Laeiszhalle, former headquarters of British Forces Network in postwar period
  • the site of St. Pauli, where the Beatles started their career
  • to the “England Terminal” in the Docklands of Altona, where the ferry to Harwich has been suspended some years ago

tomeque is a synther-songwriter from Hamburg, Germany with melancholic and dreamy pop and synthrock songs to dance, chill or snivel to. Follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Production: brandfall. texte und töne
pop///tronica, Hamburg