tomeque releases his album “hallo welt_”

2 min readNov 6, 2020
tomeque behind glass (Photo: Andreas Muhme)
tomeque behind glass (Photograph by Andreas Muhme)

“After seven years in the cave, the most isolated place in the world, farthest away from the people, I pulled strings from my skin onto my acoustic guitar to find the most beautiful, most eternal and most painful melody…”

And now he lets go and releases his album into the world — with the probably loneliest release party ever due to lockdown. But tomeque doesn’t let it get him down and invites his most loyal fans to a release weekend on St. Pauli, in fixed single-household slots, with an exhibition of pictures from the album artwork. There will be intimate serenades by tomeque on the guitar, soup with bread, Mario Kart and a preview of the next music video “Hallo Welt”.

His solo debut “hallo welt_”, that will be released today on November 6th 2020 on vinyl, CD and online, is an up and down of melancholy and departure. British songwriting with German lyrics meets disco, downbeats, indulging vocals and synthetic improvisation. In 10 songs, acoustic guitars, piano, or even a cello, playfully concert with synthesizers and digital elements. Finally, tomeque has opposed his former conceptual approach with an improvisational, trance-based elaboration, which has given a special dreaminess and spaciousness to the songs. A sound collage of acoustic and electronic elements, that can neither really be assigned to classical singer-songwriters nor to electronic dance music.

You can get an impression for the title song “Hallo Welt” with the following teaser for the forthcoming music video. Like the songs and the album artwork, this clip is again peppered with loving details and makes tomeque’s world seem magical, dreamy and somehow surreal.

tomeque is a synther-songwriter from Hamburg, Germany with melancholic and dreamy indiepop and semi-electronic songs to dance, chill or snivel to. Follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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