New Single by tomeque

1 min readOct 8, 2020

tomeque releases his new single “Drei letzte Sekunden”. After the previous single “Immer nur tanzen”, he is taking it much more calmly this time and lets his acoustic guitar and a cello take the lead.

“Drei letzte Sekunden” (=Three last remaining seconds) is a soulful singer-songwriter ballad with lots of emotion and weltschmerz. It’s about being abandoned by fellows, friends and lovers. The song is characterised by its stepwise development of it’s instrumentation — commencing with a guitar, only, then enhanced by vocals, synthesizers and cello until the rhythm section and strings lead the arrangement to its tragic final, ending up in a psychedelic reprise.

The ideal song for autumnal playlists in case of lovesickness, fear of loss and sad and lonely hours at the rainy windows. It’s the lead single and grand finale for tomeque’s forthcoming album “hallo welt_” to be released in November 2020.

tomeque is a synther-songwriter from Hamburg, Germany with melancholic and dreamy indiepop and semi-electronic songs to dance, chill or snivel to. Follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Production: brandfall. texte und töne
pop///tronica, Hamburg